Relaxed Sunday

Reasons I adore this relaxed dress from VENUS are as follows:

1. It's soft and comfortable and perfect for the weekend. 
2. Dress it up or down with heels or flats.
3. Rouching in all the right areas. (Illusion of having more curves than I do)

Simple, sweet, and relaxed. Just like this post :) 

How was your weekend guys? I took a social media break and it was amazing. Sometimes I NEED that.

Saturday I went to the farmers market and got some AMAZING soy candles (post coming soon)  Then Sunday we took the little ones to the fair. It wasn't the biggest or the best but they're too little to know a difference and they had a blast. Brooke's been to the fair one other time so this time she was really excited to go on rides. She loved and hated them all at the same time. Half of the ride she would say, "No mama I don't want to any more" and then she spent the other half saying "Yay, this is so much fun." I'm pretty proud of her. She really handled some intense rides well for a 2 1/2 year old. The guys did what guys do, they hung out and ate.

Next weekend we're going to Sky Top in NC to go apple picking. I get so excited for the fall season since moving to South Carolina. There isn't too much to do here in the summer but the fall brings so many fun family activities! 

Are you guys ready for fall or are you holding onto every bit of summer?

Oh and if you live in Greenville my amazing smoothie is from Southern Pressed Juicery

My bag is old Fendi. I'll link some similar styles below including some that are the look for less.

Daytime Sheer

The sheer top paired with a pretty balconette trend is one that I completely embrace. For the most part I dress pretty modest but there are times that I enjoy feeling empowered and sexy and this trend's one of my favorites to do so without baring all. If you caught the peek of my bralette in a TRUE & CO post I did last month, than just know thats was a pretty OMG moment for me. 

But even if modesty isn't the issue, there's a way to do daytime sheer without looking like your geared up for a night out. Below are a few tips on how to do that.

 Printed or Knitted Sheer 

Go with a printed sheer that ISN'T obvious, like mine. You really have to be right up on this one to tell it's sheer which makes it clearly appropriate for daytime. 
By far this is my favorite printed sheer top right now. It's from Shop Maude and you can get it HERE.  

Balance It Out

If you decide you do want to be bold and wear something very sheer paired with a bralette, than make sure you balance it out. Going into fall I would suggest a suede or leather jacket and a looser styled denim or trouser. The key here is to off set the sexy. 

Try Sheer Paneling 

RIP my favorite sheer sleeved top. It was black and had silk paneling on the front. I think I picked it, tried to fix it, picked it a couple more times and realized it wasn't meant to be. Anyways, when I think of sheer paneling though I think back to a black dress, more like gown, Olivia Palermo wore in 2015. It was fall Valentino and my goodness did I swoon. So maybe her gown isn't exactly street style but it's the idea. Do placed sheer or a sheer dress with a silk slip. Same effect but daytime street style approved. 

So guys what are your thought's on the sheer fad? Love it? Hate it? Bold enough to really got for it?  


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